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Tips on Getting a Better Morgage

Here are some of the common tips you need to know to increase your chances of getting a better morgage.

Fix your credit Get a copy of your credit repost from online credit agencies and analyze your score and take action to fix any adverse credit on your history. Your credit score is one the most important factor that determines whether you qualify for a morgage. A credit report can be ordered on the internet for modest amounts of money and analysed to help you get a better mortgage.

Look at first time property buyers programs. Many developers and builders who have been hard hit by the slowdown in the property market are offering some good first time property buyer incentives to help you get on the property ladder. This means that you can potentially be offered good help towards your morgage as incentives

Shop around to find the most suitable morgage product for your self. Selecting the wrong morgage product can potentially mean paying thousands of pounds extra on your mortage. Talk to us to help you get the best deal to suit your needs.

Look out for additional costs associated with the mortgage whether it is buy to let mortgages, residential mortgage or a re mortgage. Some lenders like to lure borrowers in with attractive mortage interest rates but can have hidden charges in the back ground that can potentially be costly. We can offer experienced advice to help you get the best terms to suit you.

Anticipate property purchase closing costs. Make sure you have some extra cash handy to allow for any closing costs on the purchase of a property

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