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Best Buy to Let Mortgage & Commercial Mortgage deals and rates

If you are looking for the best buy to let mortgage, residential mortgage or commercial mortgage deals and interest rates then talk to us. We have been working in the residential, commercial mortgages and buy to let mortgage market for many years providing great buy to let mortgages and commercial mortgage deals. Whether you are an experienced landlord, a first time buyer, a developer or are just starting out in buy to let or commercial property , we can help you get your mortgage arranged quickly. We have a large pool of mortgage lenders with whom we have strong relationships to help us obtain the best residential, buy to let mortgage and commercial mortgage deals.


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We have extensive experience of working with several of the primary commercial mortgage and buy to let mortgage lenders and the national banks, and this helps us obtain the best mortgage deals and interest rates for YOU for buy to let and commercial property.


If you are looking to get access to buy to let mortgage or commercial mortgage finance quickly then we will help you arrange a mortgage within days. Our mortgage deals are designed to help UK property buyers make the most of the property market. If you are investing in UK property to rent then we have a range of mortgage deals flexible enough to meet your changing needs. We work on your behalf to get the most favourable interest rates for your mortgage.

We will work with you to get the BEST MORTGAGE AT THE BEST RATE

Unlike standard mortgages, buy to let mortgages and commercial mortgages are assessed differently by lenders. The main criteria used to assess a mortgage application is to consider the amount of income a property will generate and whether the income will be enough to meet the monthly repayments of the mortgage or remortgage.

The lending term for a buy to let mortgage and commercial mortgage loan will range from anything between 15 to 30 years. The interest rates for these mortgages are also traditionally higher, although more recently, a lot of competitive products are being offered to attract the investor community allowing them to get the best mortgage deals.

Investors who have the property investment training that come to us are usually looking to make the most of their property investments. We will work aggressively for you to find the best mortgage deal you need at the lowest interest rates available today. We can offer this because of our affiliations with a wide array of institutional sources of capital in the UK.

Put us to work for you today and we will have a No-cost, No-obligation mortgage Pre-approval back to you within 24 hours.

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Mortgage Tips

If you are looking for a new mortgage or you already have a mortgage then there are still steps that you can take to reduce your mortgage. You don't just have to sit there constantly repaying the same amount of monthly payments; there are some tips that you can follow to reduce your mortgage. If you follow some of the following tips you can potentially reduce your mortgage to help you manage your finances better:

1. Pay your mortgage as you receive lump sums. If you're in a position where you receive lump sum cash in your account regularly then instead of leaving money in the bank you can use this cash to clear some of the capital of your mortgage. Resist the temptation to spend the money on non-essential purchases and use the cash towards your mortgage instead. This can help reduce your monthly payments quickly.

2. Reduce your expenses. Now this may seem quite obvious but not all of us make a point to sit down and plan our monthly budget. We may be used to the lifestyle that we are living but analysing your monthly spend from time to time will help you focus on whether you need to be spending as much money as you do. Scrutinise your expenses and look at where you can reduce expenses so that the money can be used towards clearing some of your mortgage.

3. Increase your mortgage payments if the interest rates fall. If you're in a position where your mortgage has been reduced due to a fall in interest rates then instead of using the savings towards your day-to-day expenditure, you should consider using the extra cash to repay your mortgage. This will ultimately reduce your mortgage capital on a regular basis.

4. Get a mortgage offset account. Some lenders allow you to have a mortgage offset account whereby the money paid in an offset account offsets the mortgage repayments amount.

5. Doing a mortgage health check.

Adopting the methodologies above can help you clear your mortgage significantly quicker than the standard mortgage repayment period.

We also offer equity release services here for people looking to release equity from their property and for people looking for a sell my house fast service. Contact us for more information on equity release scheme mortgages

Whether you want a mortgage to do up your home by building a driveway or want the loan for any other purpose, we will be here to help you. Just give us a call.