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property equity release mortgages

You can release your equity, if your property has gained some value since you first acquired it on a mortgage, by remortgaging your property. By the virtue of your monthly payments, you will actually be able to free some money from your property mortgage.    

The main reason why releasing equity through re-mortgaging became so popular is that over the last decade the prices of property in UK have boomed. But since the property prices are seeing a slow period currently, you should really consider your remortgage and equity release position carefully before making a move to re-mortgage


Make sure you compare mortgage deals and analyze how much you will end up with, both with and without a remortgage. You must carefully see how much your property is worth today with the price falls, and you must also analyze whether you would be able to release any equity, or whether the price declines have wiped away any equity that you previously had.  

When you remortgage and release equity, the payments of your mortgage will go up since you will owe more money to your lender. You must also consider how the increase in your mortgage will affect the amount equity within property, which is the difference of the value of the property and the mortgage amount. The question you should be asking before taking any step is whether you would be left with any equity remaining in your property at all when you release equity

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