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Mortgage mistakes to avoid

We have previously discussed the most common mistakes that people make when they select a mortgage or a re-mortgage deal. Listed below are further elements of a mortgage that you need to take note of to ensure that your get the best mortgage deal:

1 Assuming that you are financially sound and don’t want to shop for the best mortgage deal. You might be doing OK but ask yourself buy whose standards are you doing financially OK? Don’t rationalize where you are. Even if you may have previously shopped for the best mortgage deal and feel that your mortgage structure is good, you may want to evaluate your position to do even better. If your mortgage position is not where you want it to be then perhaps look at alternatives to get the best mortgage product. Your goal should be to manage your finances and mortgage better to help you obtain your financial goals quicker.


2. Putting off mortgage alternatives because you are too busy. If you are one of those people who spends more time planning your annual holiday then your financial future then you need to give your self a shake and start planning your mortgage and your financial future. You may be feeling that you are not willing to learn further about your mortgage or are even embarrassed about your financial position so the less you talk about it the better you will feel. These are the reasons why a lot of people are less financially secure than they should be and have less money available as retirement funds. A lot of people are spending more than they make. By simply ignoring the real financial issues we are not doing ourselves any justice and mortgage mistakes continue to get made with that mindset.

3. You have put down a big deposit and have large equity in your property. It commonly thought that having more equity in the house will save us more on the long term. The problem with this theory is that although the more you put down, you make some savings and have equity you will have less money available to invest and create further wealth.

4. Assuming that this is just a mortgage. A mortgage is more than “just a mortgage”. It is a financial instrument that is integrated with our overall financial future so getting the right deal to suit your circumstances is very important. The type of buy to mortgage you have directly affects your net worth and directly impacts your financial future.

Don’t follow the crowd that has failed miserably in building a financial future behind us. With the government pension funds dwindling, we need to take control of our financial future and ensure that we don’t repeat the mistakes of others. Talk to us to help get the best mortgage deals and we will be glad to guide you through the minefield to help you get the optimum financial benefit

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