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Choosing a Mortgage Calculator

A mortgage calculator is very useful as it helps you to determine how much you can afford with regards to a mortgage and also what your monthly payments would work out to by taking variables into account such as mortgage period, the principal amount as well as interest rates. Mortgage calculators make very difficult decisions and questions understandable to everyone


There are different types of mortgage calculators all for different needs. You get the simple kind that just calculate the mortgage payments. A multi-payment calculator which calculates the payments for various different scenarios at the same time, which is useful when comparing different mortgage types. And then there is the PITI Calculator which allows you to include factors such as insurance and taxes in to the equation so you become aware of your total expenses you will pay for not just for the mortgage

Your choice of which mortgage calculator to use is completely up to you and dependant on what you need. If you are undecided on different types of Mortgages then you would use the multi-payment calculator as it will allow you to compare the different payments to one another allowing you to pick the right one for you.

The PITI Calculator will be used when you are most likely sure of which mortgage type you will be using and want to see how much your payments will be with other variables adding in, just to get a deeper understanding of exactly what your payments will be.

The standard calculator is used for when you are just looking over figures and want a estimate of the payments just as a reference and to keep further insight into a particular mortgage choice.

Regardless of your choice of mortgage calculator there is one to suit your specific needs and will greatly help to clarify the payments and help you to decide with ease of mind which will best suit you

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