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Bank of England Interest Rates

Bank of England base rate has been reduced by 0.5%, New BOE Rate set at 0.5%

For all those who have a discounted tracker and tracker mortgages, your monthly mortgage payment is now next to nothing. But do not let your self get caught out this is the perfect opportunity to make over payments on your mortgage to reduce the LTV. Why you may ask, but a savvy investor will what to reduce his loan size to produce a higher yield, not to mention when you remortgage you will reduce the top up your mortgage, to cover down turn in value.

More Mortgage News

The Newly formed Lloyds Group have announced today that they will only allow a
max 9 property rule across the whole company lending criteria.

In other words you can only have 9 properties mortgaged with the entire Lloyds’s Group as of Monday 9th March 09.

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