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How to get mortgage

The best way to get a good mortgage is to start by looking at your credit report and check for errors. The credit report plays an important part of the mortgage qualification procedure and the lenders use the credit scoring system to determine whether you are credit worthy

To increase your chances of getting a good mortgage, order a copy of your credit report online and check the repot for any errors that can be corrected. The repot will list any credit downgrades and will give details of the company and reason for any negative credit scoring. In some instances you can contact these companies to have the score removed if the reason for the negative credit scoring was trivial. So boost your credit score to increase your chances of getting a good mortgage.


Make sure you pay your bills on time and don’t miss any payments on credit from any company. Make an attempt to keep your credit balance low. If you have defaulted on any payments, particularly on a mortgage re-payment, then it can be very difficult to qualify for mortgage. With the recent credit crisis turmoil, the lenders have significantly tightened their lending criteria so it is imperative that your credit history is controlled tightly

Other things that you need to do include having all the relevant documentation to hand to allow the mortgage application process to progress. This includes your identification documentation such as passport and income proof and bank statements. Having these handy is good to get the application through quickly.

If you have any doubts or any questions about the mortgage process then contact us and we will guide you through every step to ensure that the mortgage application process is as hassle free as possible.

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