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Further Advance

As someone who has already taken out a property mortgage, you can move one step further for a second releasing extra cash from your property for the purpose of, say, financing the renovations or possible expansion of your property. If you wish to raise further cash from your property then the option of further advance or a second mortgage is an effective way to do so..



Many lenders who offer mortgage products also feature a further advance facility, but in many cases, there is only a certain limit to which the lenders will issue the money to you to protect their further advance, of course depending on the purpose for which it is being utilized.

Just as an example, you may be lent money up to 80% of the value of your property if it is for the purpose of renovation or extension, but may only get up to 60% of the property, if you want the money for some other purpose.

.Every lender have their own criteria for further advance. They will decide how much they will lend you on your mortgage and will assess each case on its individual basis. For example the actual amount offered by one lender may be more than that offered by another lender. It is wise to check with the different lenders, or have a chat with a good mortgage broker who knows the mortgage market well to see how much further advance you can get.

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