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Buy to let remortgage

It is always useful to be on the look out for a better mortgage deal when it comes to mortgages, and you should carry out some market research before you engage in one, just like we shop for every other item used in our lives daily. Your mortgage is just as important to you as the other essential commodities. In fact a mortgage is even more important because getting a mortgage is a substantial financial purchase and choosing the wrong mortgage product can cost you heavily.

So it is strongly advised that you shop around to get the right mortgage deal. You are not bound by entering into a mortgage, and you may switch to a new mortgage (remortgage) that suits at specified times, according to the terms of your mortgage.


The current credit crunch has caused the prices of buy to let mortgages to rise overall so remortgaging to get better deals is important. But before you think about a remortgage, you must be aware of the fact that if you remortgage before the term period expires you could be liable to penalties..

Why Buy to let Remortgage?

Many property investors need to make some capital available in order to purchase more properties and many investors use the remortgaging option to release equity from their properties to allow them to purchase more. Investors, who own more than one property, may choose to remortgage just to cover their portfolio of investments within the same package. In fact some mortgage lenders offer mortgages on the basis of a portfolio of properties instead of a single property.  

You may remortgage to benefit from a number of advantages of one mortgage over another. If you see a new mortgage product being offered with better terms then remortgaging is the best thing to do, as long as you are entitled to remortgage without Early Repayment penalties from your existing lender.

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