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Basics of Mortgages

When you opt to apply for a mortgage, it is probably the most critical financial decision that you are ever going to make. So, you must learn a good deal about mortgages before you actually make a move to have an idea of what you should be doing. But with thousands of mortgage products available in the UK right now, you will end up confusing yourself instead of gaining an insight, if you try to learn about them on your own.

You should instead seek assistance from a financial advisor or a mortgage broker in order to get some help about your mortgage choices, just like the 70% of investors in the market. A mortgage broker or a financial advisor, who usually is a market expert, will effectively guide you to the most suitable option according to your requirements, objectives, and affordability, while considering how much risk you are comfortable with and also keeping the financial conditions into perspective. The rest of the investors carry the transaction out through the branch of the lender over the phone or online.


Whether you are looking for a mortgage for the first time or are looking to find your own place, you can find all what you need to know about mortgages on this website.

The Types of Mortgages

Fixed rate mortgages or discounted mortgages are usually the first choice of those looking for mortgages.

You will be given a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of a fixed rate mortgage and all the other types of mortgage in this website in detail. Moreover, you will also be explained the very important difference between repayment or capital mortgages and interest only mortgages.

But whatever your requirements may be, you must be sure of the type of mortgage option you really want to pursue, and especially if you want to arrange a mortgage on a repayment basis or an interest-only basis. Even though you may consult an advisor or a mortgage broker to help you out with the technical complexities, it is always useful  to have an understanding of the basic concepts of mortgages, whether it is buy to let mortgage or a residential mortgage. You would want to get a handle of what the various lenders can offer you before you actually take a mortgage out

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